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Hey, wait! This isn't the store! ...well, we're working on it.

Update May 3rd of 2003: As we are still in the process of updating the LKP site, here is a temporary set of images that you can choose from. These images can be bought as prints (8-1/2" x 11" or thereabouts), as T-shirts, or as cards. (The images involved will not have the Dex Lives banner nor will they have the typed copyright info or explanatory text - I'm grabbing some of these from the daily comics updates.) Their designation numbers are below, and I will get prices up shortly, and we will figure out a way to do this the snail mail way as the online purchasing will take a few more weeks at best. You can contact me and let me know which designs you are interested in.

T-shirts, S-XXXL $19.95; available in standard or babydoll styles. Colors available as fashions change; right now we're in spring so it's mainly pastels with red and navy always available in standard style.
Prints $7.95

(code to come) Phil as Flag

(code to come) Taken: Away Tour

DEX-0110 (ant as pocket design for front of T-shirt)

DEX-0138 (Lumpus as pocket design for T-shirt)

DEX-0256 (Phil as pocket design for T-shirt - soon I'll give them their own codes and you can mix & match.)










LKP fantasy will be updated soon, and will carry all sorts of Dex Lives products! Or read on further for how you can help Dex!

How, you ask, can I help Dex? Well, Dex Lives is free, free, free! I don't get a single cent from writing this from day to day, and I'm poor. So there's one very simple thing you can do to help:

Tell other people about this site.

I cannot emphasize this enough. The more people who read this site, the better chance there is that I will start getting paid.

It works like this: Keenspace has an agreement with its artists that if their readerships get above a certain level, the artists can receive a share of the advertising revenue. You may have heard that the bottom dropped out of the internet advertising market a while back, so that level is quite high. You can also occasionally click through on a banner so that the advertiser realizes that their advertising works. (I would suggest Cheapass Games, as they are truly a wonderful little company with games that are, in fact, quite inexpensive and well-written.) If you actually buy a product through an advertiser to our sites, let them know that you found them through Keenspace!

Also, if you'd like to have flyers to hand out, I have some half-size deals that I made up for WorldCon, which I will make available to anyone who requests them.

Any questions or other suggestions?  Talk to me.

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