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"Dex" - Dexter Ian Donner
Dex is the everyman character. His long association with Junior (below) has led him to the casual acceptance of things some people might consider a bit strange, and to the utter fear of some things that are considered normal... watching a movie, for example. He is currently employed as a board operator at KLMN radio and plays the bass in Taken.

"Junior" - Percival Melville Smith II, aka "Zwingali"
I created Dex but Junior just happened. Nora Grasham insisted on the "Junior" appelation after a very Indiana Jones-like comic, and his full name evolved from that. His personality is a compliation of every engineer I've ever met, plus any mythic overtones such mechanical adepts acquire, and the designed strangeness of GUTS characters. He currently has an undisclosed engineering job, and plays guitar for Taken.

Someone once referred to him as "dumb." He is not so much dumb as having a genuine innocence about the world, plus an absolute fascination with "what does this do"? He would be a very bad person to put in charge of anything destructive.

"Phil" - Philomena Frances Scott
A very bright and nice person, Phil has a bit of a temper that she mostly keeps in check. She is very strong, and pretty, though she doesn't believe that. She doesn't talk about her job, and she sings and plays djembe for Taken.

"Lumpus" and "Magpie
The kittens! They're a little more than a year old. Lumpus is fluffy gray and lumps around a lot, and Magpie is a calico who is attracted to bright shiny objects.

"Tim" and "Erin"
Newlyweds who met in improv and whose wedding reflected that.

"Tina" - Christina Louise Morrow
A friend of Dex's from high school. She's short and all-around cute, though she has a bit of a save-the-world complex. She is currently doing volunteer work with a group of developmentally disabled adults, and singing lead with Taken. She is allergic to plant material but not animals.

She also has a mean hand with a whip.

"Mr. Florin"
Dex's boss at KLMN.

"Dexdra" - Dexdra Jane Donner, aka "Desi"
Dex's alter ego... or, actually, the female version of him from an alternate universe. She stayed an engineer in college, and apparently discovered a method for traveling from her universe to this one. Phil is currently manipulating events to get Desi and Junior together, and confusing Dex in the process, as both Junior and Tina are under the impression that Desi is some kind of unwanted relative of Dex.

"Mr. and Mrs. Donner"
Dex's parents. Dex's mother collects rocks and his father is a frightening driver.

"Dottie" - Dorothy Colleen Donner
Dex's younger sister. She's about ten and has severe pyromaniac tendencies. She can blow fire at will, which is like not having wisdom teeth... it's not unheard of, but it is a little weird.

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