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One of the interesting things about the web statistics program that Keenspace uses is that it will tell you what search strings someone used to get to your site.  These are a great amusement to me, honestly, because I have absolutely no idea why some of these things even pull up my site.

Okay, These Make Sense.
dex lives
Bernadette Yarnot
open letter to terrorists
Robert Durbin
fire breathing dragons
how to draw
    fire breathing dragons
    comic strips
gharlane of eddore
mike jittlov
greenhill animal

Getting a Bit Off...
make wings
puritan comic strips
removal comic strips
titanic jokes
cake slogans
dragons things
examples of situational irony
make wings -dove -feather -angel -plane -bird -buffalo
murphy's law comic
peanuts cartoons showing irony
boy scout quilt
dex ball
dex clothes
dex dog
dex gay
learn how to draw caricatures online
masked dex
nerd glasses
snot balls
comics online far side gary larson
renting in spokane
gary larson pull push comic

Who Are You Looking For?
jeremy glick
glick glidewell
dakota rae web site
dan dex
andy cone
jeremy martin
nora grasham

Shame, Shame, Mrs. Piddleby!
andy capp porn
batam sex
smut city
porn dex
drugs dex
kiddie sex
lives sex
sex drawings
balloon fetish

How on Earth Did You Get Here?
ban the basics!
eat soup design
psychic force anime
tokyo crazy paradise
vicious rats
zoo compress
army suck
asus p3v133
burning man
danger mouse
mugen games
yin yang drawings
zoo suck
biohazard image
rekláámüügynöökséégek budapest
snot balls
title fight
american pi

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