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You see, It's about dreams. It's the same reason that we hold the Olympics, the same reason we climb mountains and challenge the deeps of the seas. It's the reason that we send men and women into space. Why? If you don't know by now. It's because we dream.

It's the reason that we research new medicines and go to art galleries. It's about the vision of excellence and genius that drives us forward. Why do we send men and women on a pillar of fire to the vacuum of space in a thin shell? Because it's there, because we can, because we dare, and because we dream.

It's about doing something that nobody has ever done before, about thinking thoughts no person has ever thought, or seeing a sight that no thinking creature has ever seen.

It's about wonder at a marvellous universe that simply cannot be captured by a Mars rover with a camera. It's about being there - simply, and incredibly, being there.

It's why we hold as our everyday heros firemen, police and our soldiers. It is also why being an astronaut is not only a job, it is something that children dream of becoming - because children love heroes and want to become one. Because the former three can be heroes for letting the rest of us live our lives in peace, and the latter - for helping us live our lives in hope.

It's why today we lost seven heroes that we never knew we had.

It's about dreams.

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