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Dex Lives, fine online comics

by Bernadette Yarnot

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Who's who

Did someone paint my sunglasses black?Dex is the namesake of the strip, who has just graduated from college. He is quiet and dependable, but does best when things go as expected. He's had to put up with a lot of strange things in his life, mostly because of his college roommate

Confused geek with mechanical talentJunior, who is also known as Zwingali. He was an engineer in college, and he sometimes confuses movies with reality... especially movies like Real Genius. He was in improvisational comedy in college, and developed a friendship with

Strong and sure, Phil can carry anyonePhil, who is the third roommate of the household. She (her full name is Philomena) is strong, tall, and high-spirited. She has trouble believing she's attractive, especially in the face of

Tina, beautiful woman with a causeTina, who is a friend of Dex's from high school. She is a reformer who is currently volunteering to aid a group of disabled adults. She wants to bring out the best in people but is occasionally misguided in her methods. She has recently started dating Dex, and is championing

No, really, she's a girlDexdra, who is a female version of Dex from an alternate universe. She is currently going under the name Desi while dating Junior. Phil is aiding and abetting her: she has convinced Tina that 'Desi' is Dex's cousin, and Dex himself is thoroughly confused because he is not really sure that 'Desi' is Dexdra, that Dexdra is who she said she is, or that Dexdra really exists.

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