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Dex Lives, fine online comics

by Bernadette Yarnot

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The Ones To Blame

Bernadette Bernadette Yarnot
Artist, writer, web designer, head honcho.

Bernadette has, in her twenty-odd years of life, fought a wildfire, dodged a bear, jumped off a cliff, taught a computer to recite Shakespeare, driven from Denver to Sacramento over the course of one 24-hour period, acted as a stuffed animal at the ages of seven and twenty, driven from Spokane to Eugene and back the next day once a week for two months because it seemed like a good idea at the time, talked about herself in the third person, been a Boy Scout, designed t-shirts, made several quilts, been in an improvisational comedy group, and learned to use juggling sticks. She has been drawing her comics since the fall of 1992 but only started the web comic in 2001.

Still Rob

Rob Durbin

Rob Durbin is The Kitty.

Actually, he's black. Black cats are hard to draw.

Calicos are hard to draw

Percival and Nimüe
Mental health specialists and catnip smokers.

Percival and Nimüe were born around May of 2000. They were in the same room of the Greenhill Animal Shelter in September of the same year, and were too cute to prompt a choice between them. They comprise two of the three necessary cats of a household: "Two to play with each other, and one just for windows." We still lack the third cat.

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