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Update below! (Feb 25th)
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comic for Friday , April 29 , 2005
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about us
Where we are - February 25th, 2004
No, Dex Lives is not over and done with, though you'd hardly know it from the way I've been acting. For some reason, I've been unable to get anywhere with the comic, though creatively I'm doing just fine. (I think all my creative energies are getting directed elsewhere, as in I've been doing art for money rather than just for fun.)

What makes it worse is when I post a strip or two and then none for a while. Therefore, I have decided that I will not start posting the comic until I have a buffer of not fewer than twenty strips. Once I have those, I will announce the return of the strip far and wide (and on this site), in order to give those loyal few a chance to give ME another chance.

Until then, I will be posting examples of that other creative work, starting off with the elven orphan series which I got roped into doing, and which I found out a few days before the deadline that there WAS a deadline. Therefore, you get to see my excursions into the art of photo manipulation... which is a lot of fun.

T-shirts! - May 3rd, 2003
The T-shirts will be priced at $19.95. We don't have the shopping cart quite ready yet but if you are willing to do a snail mail transaction (or trust a comparative stranger with your credit card number-- while I know that Jim is trustworthy, you only have this cartoonist's unsubstantiated word for it) you can email your choice from the store page. Or, if you'd like to wait for the online store, email me and I'll make a list in case people miss the general announcement.

Oh, and my mom pointed out that the "Tastes Like Chicken" and "Kiss the Cook" desgins should be aprons... and guess what, that's what I made them for! So if you want one of those instead, they're $15.95... I think. Jim was remarkably amnesiac when I asked him, but I think I can hold him to that price.

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